What should I do if my child needs immediate assistance?

If this is an urgent health emergency contact 911.
If your child is currently under the influence or is showing symptoms of overdose or alcohol poisoning take them to the nearest emergency room or urgent care immediately. If you know or strongly suspect that your child is using drugs or alcohol and you require an immediate intervention, take your child to Chapman Medical Center in Orange. Chapman offers drug testing and free treatment assessments.

If this is not a medical emergency and you are experiencing some confusion determining what the next best step for your child would be, please call California Youth Services, we are happy to help families through these difficult times.

How can I determine if my child qualifies for your programs?

The JADE and DECISIONS programs are open to the public. No legal referrals are necessary to attend. Parents/Guardians are welcome to enroll their child in either program. JADE and DECISIONS are one time programs only. If your child has already been through a CYS program he/she may not participate a second time. CYS programs are juvenile programs that service children ages 12-17. CYS programs are voluntary. If a child walks out he/she will not be stopped. Combative behavior will not be tolerated.

Which program is best for my child?

DECISIONS Program: Educates teens and parents about the realities of incarceration and probation, focusing on how to make better life choices. Generally teens who attend this program are first-time offenders or parent referrals who have demonstrating poor judgment. For example: shoplifting, vandalism, theft, fighting, joy riding, ditching school, making threats, possessing weapons, exhibiting rebellious or destructive behavior at home, etc.

The JADE Program: Educates teens and their parents about the dangers and realities of drug use and alcohol abuse. JADE is a wonderful measuring tool for parents/guardians to determine if their child has a substance abuse problem and get help for their family. The JADE program is designed to prevent teens from developing a problem, cease any further experimenting with drugs or binge drinking, and provide resources to families in need of assistance if substance abuse issues are present.

What kind of kids typically attend your programs?

All kinds. The juveniles that attend CYS programs have only one or two characteristics in common; drug and alcohol abuse and/or delinquency issues. None of the young people who attend our programs are “Bad Kids”, however they are usually making bad decisions.

What can I do to help my child?

  • Educate yourself on current drug trends and the symptomology of drug and alcohol use.
  • Be observant, nobody knows your child better than you do. If changes in personality, friends, grades, and behavior are evident and you are concerned, seek help.
  • Open up lines of communication in your household. Talk to your child and really listen to what they have to say.
  • Be their parent, not their friend. Set boundaries.
  • Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for outside help. Difficulty raising teenagers is not a new phenomenon. You are not alone. Plenty of help is available and the professionals at California Youth Services will be glad to assist your family in any way we can.