DECISIONS Legal Awareness Program


DECISIONS Legal Awareness Program was created in order for adolescents to get a very realistic understanding of the impact that criminal behavior, poor decision making, and poor friend choices can have on the course of their lives.  Many participants enrolled in DECISIONS have been either directly or indirectly involved in some sort of illegal activity (i.e., curfew violations, shoplifting, vandalism, trespassing, fighting, etc).  DECISIONS is held within a maximum security correctional facility and taught by decorated Orange County Sheriff Deputies, District Attorneys, and various reality based guest speakers.  DECISIONS provides adolescents with an opportunity to evaluate the decisions they are making, gain an understanding of the short and long term consequences of some of those poor decisions, and learn how to make positive choices for themselves. Participants and their parents learn about incarceration, probation, court process, and their legal rights and responsibilities. 

I was arrested for assault and battery and now I’m on probation. If I get in trouble again they are going to send me to juvenile hall. After hearing the ‘incarcerated youth’ talk, I decided to change my ways. Jail sounds scary and disgusting and I don’t want to go there, ever! I’m so glad I had the chance to come to the DECISIONS program.

DECISIONS Program Structure

  • Two Class Sessions from 6:45 to 10:00 p.m.
  • For minors 12-17
  • Required Homework
  • Orange County Jail tour (parents/guardians only)
  • Parent/Guardian attendance is mandatory  

* Spanish translation available

Participation does not  require a police department and/or school district referral. Parent referrals are welcome and concerned parents/guardians are encouraged to contact us directly or submit an enrollment form.